Excel is threatening the quality of research data — Data Packages are here to help

Last week, Cameron Hurst began an exploration of what frictionless data is. This week, we share a blog from the Open Knowledge International Blog, where Dan Fowler looks at why the popular file format Excel is problematic for research and what steps can be taken to ensure data quality is maintained throughout the research process. Our Frictionless Data project…

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Data Skills Module

Start page of the surveys data skills module

We have put together three introductory modules concerning key aspects of survey, longitudinal and aggregate data. The modules give an introduction to key aspects of the data using short instructional videos, interactive quizzes and activities using open access software where possible. Take a look and send any comments and suggestions to comms@ukdataservice.ac.uk Data skills modules

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Open-Source Development is Great, and Here’s Why

If you haven’t heard the term “open-source”, it’s a method of software development that keeps everything out in the open and encourages collaboration between developers. Many businesses and governments around the world are embracing open source development projects, so it’s important for everyone else to follow suit. Other than the community engagement surrounding open-source development,…

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